Amfa4000 Water softener

The Amfa4000®:A solution for limescale does not need to be expensive or complicated.


24Man is an expert in water treatment
QA  thanks to its Swiss precision and its US water expertise.
Equipped with its Swiss precision, 24Man Engineering has developed the Amfa4000 water softener.
24Man does not make concessions at the expense of quality, and avoids using inferior parts or materials.
These products do not contain parts from Asiaë and are exclusively produced and assembled in the EU.  The Amfa4000® water softener system is a high quality product, developed and tested in Switzerland and made with craftsmanship in the US


Before they get in touch with us, many of our customers have questions about the following issues :
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- What does a water softener really cost, I can't seem to find any prices? 
- A water softener which is maintenance free, simple to operate and that can be installed in only 5 minutes without applying modifications to my home and without using salts, does that exist?
- Quite complicated: Choosing from thousands of different modules or soft water modules, water supply types, diameter of water pipe, etc...?

Do you simply want to protect your expensive appliances against limescale and lose less time to cleaning?
Then the  Amfa4000® magnetic water softener is exactly what you are looking for.
Especially for you, 24Man één has developed an affordable system
De The Amfa4000® water softener for domestic use.
This system suits any type of home and any type of water pipe diameter (domestic use)
The Amfa4000® is maintenance free and requires only a single investment because there are no additional costs involved.
No yearly maintenance contracts or mandatory salt purchasing.
You can install it yourself with the help of a clear user guide.


24Man is straight forward about the price to make your purchasing decision easier.
We do not apply "starting from" prices with hidden costs.
Temporarily, you can purchase a solution for your limescale issues for only £99 . You will not have to pay for shipment.
And if you are not satisfied with the desired result? Then simply return the Amfa4000 free of charge.
This way, you can try our product for yourself risk free.



With 24Man, you wont have to empty your pockets 

24Man lets you save up to £700 every year
By preventing the deposit of limescale, your warm water appliances will consume much less energy.
The Amfa4000® water softener does not produce any waste water and does not consume any salts or chemicals.
There are also no costly filters which need replacing.

24Man cares about the environment
During manufacture, CO2 emissions are reduced to a minimum
The Amfa4000 magnetic water softener also makes your life more convenient. You will lose less time cleaning and you will use fewer detergents. Because you also want to contribute to a better environment, and because, in times of crisis, all savings are welcome, we now supply the Amfa4000 by default with a water saving system.

24Man solves the mystery.
Limescale is still a real headache. It can be a burden, even in locations where the water is softer
The water does not taste good and it effects our appliances. This is highly inconvenient and before you even realize it, you're spending lots of money on fabric softener and anti-limescale products. You are wasting your time with unnecessary cleaning and the lifespan of your appliances can be reduced. 24Man has a solution for you. The Amfa4000® water softener is a durable and environmentally friendly device.

"Delicious glacier water contains loads of healthy minerals. The biggest disadvantage is that these minerals also cause a lot of limescale. 24Man. Knowledge of water. "

24Man represents thoroughness
24Man distinguishes itself by using the durable and unique Twin-Support system.
This means that the Amfa4000® water softener system consists of two powerful onboard modules instead of één one single module.
These are specifically tuned in to each other in order to guarantee perfect operation.
Swiss thoroughness with extraordinary characteristics providing outstanding quality.
When it comes down to quality, 24Man makes no concessions!

24Man provides an easy assembly
No modifications to your home required!
Thanks to its small size, you only need limited free space of around 4 inches alongside the pipe in order to install the device. You can perform the installation on any type of pipe such as PVC, copper, flexible pipes and (galvanised) steel. The Amfa4000® water softener is suited for all pipe diameters and all types of homes and is installed where the water supply enters your home or wherever it fits best. ( In most cases directly behind the water meter)

"Easy mounting without modifications to your home, easily movable! The device is also a great option for tenants as it can be easily uninstalled and remounted. You wont need permission from your landlord."

24Man cares about your health.
Calcium and Magnesium are both good for our bodies.
They are wholesome and indispensable to humans and animals. Treating potable water in the correct way is therefore very important because it effects our health directly. Calcium and magnesium molecules are healthy minerals, which occur naturally in water. This is why they should under no circumstances be withdrawn from our water. A correct descaling process is very important. The Amfa4000® water softener does not remove these minerals from water but suppresses the negative effects of the Calcium and Magnesium compounds. These minerals also make the water less perishable. These substances act as preservatives.

24Man thinks about your safety
The Amfa4000® magnetic water softener is protected against explosions and can also be installed next to the gasmeters.
The Amfa4000® water softener is equipped with a security shield to prevent damage to transmitting equipment or to electronics.

Amfa 4000
The Amfa4000®: The solution for your limescale issues. Action and benefits

The Amfa4000®waterconditioner in action.
The reason why limescale can accumulate and stick to other surfaces is because the minerals responsible for this ”calcium and magnesium“ combine, which creates lime crystals. This process can be prevented thanks to the Amfa4000® water softener. The Amfa4000® stands out compared to other brands.
This is the result of many years of research.
The well balanced and correct placement of magnets
together with Swiss flux technology.

24Man uses modern and durable gadolinium ceramic techniques, which result in a strong field inside a compact casing. This creates a compact and powerful device, which can be mounted in small spaces without having to apply difficult modifications to piping.

With huge force, the opposing fields keep the calcium and the magnesium from crystallizing and make sure that no limescale film can be formed. The Amfa4000®® water softener does not remove these minerals from water but suppresses the negative effects of Calcium and Magnesium, which prevents them from settling. Limescale remains in the water but will not stick to your appliances and tubing. Because real situations often differ from the ideal situation, we will never be able to prevent limescale entirely. Nevertheless, we can considerably reduce it.

" The extra powerful action can be guaranteed over a span of 10 feet with a flow rate of up to 80 liters/minute "

The Amfa4000® magnetic water softener protects your appliances.
No more clogged up dishwasher rotor. Tap sieves will no longer be obstructed and resistors will no longer be covered in limescale. Limescale which is already present in the tubing will disappear. Clogged up shower heads that have turned white belong to the past. No more limescale in washing machines, dishwashers or hot water appliances such as boilers.

The Amfa4000® water softener enhances the flavour of your tap water.
Your water will taste better and will leave a softer taste in your mouth without any strange artificial flavours.
If your water does not smell or taste good right now, then you will notice a change in sent and taste after installing the  Amfa4000® magnetic water softener. Be careful, even though the water is nice to drink, it should not be compared to bottled water such as Spa, Chaudfontaine or any other brand of mineral water. Keep in mind that the water has travelled a long distance through pipes. Therefore, changes to taste may occur. A consistent flavour cannot be obtained, water will taste differently in every home.

Limestone the assassin of expensive appliances.
Limestone is Calcium carbonate, which is specifically formed when heating water. It attacks your appliances like a true assassin. It slowly attaches itself to the surface without you even noticing. This way, the warm water flow is often reduced or even stagnates. The cause is loss of pressure due to limescale, especially in pipes and electric boilers. This not only causes damage, but your energy bill will also rise because the limescale slows down the process of heating water, as lime acts as an insulator.

Disadvantages of descaling with resin and salt.
There are several devices, which can remove limescale from appliances. The most well known option is a resin and salt based softener. Also known as a salt softener. This device removes most of the limescale from water, which reduces the water's pH value and minimises limescale. Unfortunately, devices which have been used for several years and which have not been correctly serviced often lead to unnecessary amounts of water flushed down the drain.
This harms both the environment and your bank account.

Moreover, large amounts of healthy minerals are withdrawn from the water. This reduces the pH value (acidity) to a critical level and makes potable water acidic. This leads to pipes being damaged by acid water and can cause leaks and corrosion. Sometimes, the water tastes slightly salty. Unfortunately, too many healthy minerals are lost. This classic method also wastes thousands of litres of water every year, caused by repeated rinsing.
The quantity of salts used and the yearly maintenance required are expensive.
All of these issues belong to the past with the  Amfa4000® water softener .

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