Amfa4000 Water conditioner

The 24Man Engineering Amfa4000 water softener has been developed with Swiss precision. At 24Man quality is at the forefront and we only work with the best parts. The water softener is developed in Switzerland and manufactured with craftsmanship.

The disadvantages of a hard water are considerable and you can cost a lot of money. Not only calcium attack, but also a higher consumption of detergents and energy are ultimately detrimental to your wallet! You may suffer from clogged ducts and your home appliances will lose efficiency and energy. You will need to use more detergents to clean your dish and wash. Your boiler and boiler have a significantly shorter life span. You can easily solve this with a water softener

Because there is no lime in soft water, there are no lime streaks left in the bathroom, water closet or glassware. So the polish in the bathroom is definitely past time! Soft water has the advantage of less use when washing clothes, the dishwasher or under the shower. Soft water can reduce or even prevent skin problems such as skin rashes, itching, bumps, or excesses. Your boiler needs less power to bring the water to temperature. Another advantage is that faucets, cv boiler, washing machine or coffee maker last longer because there is no lime deposit in your equipment due to water softening.

“Top purchase for the best skin care and electricity!“ I had to know much earlier about the AMFA4000 water softener! What a difference in everything in the house with water. Shower is a party, no dry skin anymore and that superficial pull of the skin has also disappeared completely. Just a lot more delicious water. Smells better, tastes better and I can recommend it to everyone
“Simply placed and direct result, great! “ I've been in the AMFA4000 for a couple of weeks now, and it looks good at my benchmark: the flat shower faucet Normally there are hard to see hard clay rings on that tap as soon as we only forget to dry off. Now I do not have to wipe away anymore. Nice!
“After a simple installation of the water softener, I notice a clear difference!“ In myvacation bungalow, the water was so hard that I saw a lime attack everywhere. The water was far too powerful to drink. After a simple installation, I notice a clear difference! Less fast adhesion of lime and water tastes significantly better!
“Your knowledge of water is thank you very much!“ I am pleasantly surprised by the operation of the Amfa4000 water softener, I really did not expect this! I almost do not bother any of that dirty touch on the tap filters. All the sanitation stays longer and I now have a lot less work to keep clean. My shower wall is now cleaned with a little detergent without anti-icing agents. Your knowledge of water is thank you very much!
“Even the dog likes it!“ The water feels really softer and you'll see it on all appliances, restrooms, shower cabin and the car. Even the dog likes it. Its stainless steel drinking bowl is no longer licking. Also the water fountains of the chickens remain clean.
This water softener is highly recommended!

Defeat limescale with our water softener

Do you also suffer from calk and want a quick and cheap solution here? Meet our Amfa4000. This system removes scale deposits and prevents new scale deposits from causing a structural change of the minerals without sacrificing essential components. Our water softener is scientifically tested and completely environmentally friendly. We would like to tell you more about limescale prevention and our impressive system.

How limescale occurs

The cause of limescale is hard water. In many areas of the UK we suffer from this. It is caused by minerals like magnesium and lime. The higher the hardness of the water, the more calcium deposits are produced. This is not harmful to our body, but for all our water systems. Did you know that calcium deposits cause more energy costs? This can rise to 70%! Therefore, keep your water pipeline on time and pay high costs. After ordering our magnet water softener  , you can enjoy freshly clean water and clean machines without white scale deposits.

How does the Amfa4000 work?

The water softener uses a special gadolinium ceramic technique. In this way a strong field in a compact housing has been realized. Thus, this small and powerful device can easily be mounted in almost any space. The system is made up of two built-in powerful water softener magnet modules. Because they are matched to each other, you are assured of optimal operation. Water research has shown that water encloses microparticles with a complex of loosely linked water molecules. This complex of pooled water molecules means that a microparticle does not bind to the lime dissolved in the water. This eliminates lime on pipes and heating elements. The water softener produces a frequency that causes disharmony in the internal & nbsp; frequency of the water molecule, and the microparticle is released. Subsequently, that particle becomes the center for the bonding of lime. The equipment must comply with strict regulations and requirements to ensure that microparticles are released. For example, the magnetic field should be 100 million times stronger to obtain the desired action on the H2O molecules. Due to the change of crystal structure and minerals, calcination is prevented. Because we are responsible for responsible business, we provide a water saving system with the Amfa4000 water softener.

The benefits of our water softener magnet:

  • Our water softener prevents calcium deposition;
  • The water softener breaks down gradually existing lime;
  • The Amfa4000 Water Softener is Environmentally Friendly;
  • The Amfa4000 water softener is Maintenance-Free;
  • Savings of approx. £700 per household per year with our water softener;
  • 10 years full warranty on the Amfa4000 water softener.
The price

Now you may think: such a beautiful system, which will cost a lot, nothing is less true! For only £62 you can already purchase your own magnet water softener. Thanks to the Amfa4000 water softener, you can achieve a drop of scale up to 85%! And that is not all. Our water softener is very suitable for various types of homes. Whether you live on a flat, houseboat, villa or family house, the water softener is almost anywhere in any type of home. All that is needed is a piece of straight water line of about 8 centimeters. In this way, you prevent lime deposition, which causes your water systems to consume less energy, and that will be reflected in your energy bill. You have a guarantee of no less than 10 years. In addition, we offer a no good, money back guarantee.

Over 100,000 satisfied customers went for you

As you read, you can decalculate your pipes with a calm heart to our reliable water softener system. Over 100,000 satisfied customers went for you. No white shower heads left or replacement of expensive filters, you can enjoy it again as soon as the lime has disappeared.

Give Limescale no change

Limestone is mainly produced by heating water. It sets off without being immediately visible. We therefore recommend as a tip to descale with our antique magnet, the water softener. Want to know how to buy this water softener magnet ? That's very easy! Order today before 23:00 and you will receive your new water softener the next working day already. You can choose from several payment options, including after-payment with Klarna. Once you have received your order, you are entitled to 100 days of bedtime. If you are not satisfied, you can also return your purchase free of charge. Do you have questions? Feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you.

1Installation  Amfa4000®

Due to the small dimensions, a free space of only 8cm is required over the length of the tube to mount the water softener. Mounting can be on any type of tube such as PVC, copper, flexible tube and (galvanized) steel. With a diameter of 12mm to 42mm.

2Quality water softener

The Amfa4000 ® Water softener   made of high quality materials, which means that under most circumstances, it will last for a lifetime and maintenance free. If there is anything wrong with the water softener, you will also have a 10 year warranty. In addition, we give 100 days a "no good money back" guarantee, so you can try the water softener yourself without risk.

3Operation Amfa4000

The Amfa4000 & reg; Water softener produces a frequency that causes disharmony in the internal frequency of the water molecule to cause lime to bind the microparticles into the water, rather than sticking to your equipment and pipes.

4Magnetic fields

24Man has done a lot of research into the correct arrangement of the magnetic fields in the water softener. In addition, 24Man uses modern and durable gadolinium ceramic technology, which has achieved a strong magnetic field in a compact housing. This results in a powerful and small water softener device that can be mounted in small spaces without difficult intervention on the tubes.

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